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The OurPocket company offers a large scale of on line solutions with the expertise in On-Line shopping and acquisition logistics. 

The company offers a large range of shipment methods for the privet sector; from the small business to the large ones. The company is proud to be a part of a larger business partnership that includes an international logistics and shipments firm.


A fact that will allow the costumer to enjoy every benefit the can be given due to years of experience and worldwide connections.


OurPocket changes the game !

The OurPocket company has determined that professionalism, costumer oriented and leading technologies will be the foundations of the service it offers.

No more standing in lines. No more problematic opening and working hours! No more fear from the question that frequently asked "Is my shipment is safe and will it arrive according to plan?".

OurPocket is offering the next level of costumer oriented service. Easy shipments and delivery, safety of the shipment and a promise for a quit mind on your behalf.

You have the control !


In the OurPocket operating system you as a costumer will be able choose the nearest service station that is convenient to you. From a shop or a locker station that is open 24/7 in a wide range of locations and up to other independent shops and businesses that are OurPocket associates.


Are you a large scale business?

OurPocket company will offer you a wide range of On Line trading and logistics solutions.

A fast moving and officiant process will be provided to you in order to allow you to maximize you time and profits. Your products will be picked up from your business at the same day that you will determine and will be delivered to your costumers.

Using our logistic platform will allow you to provide your costumers a high quality and unique experience. In other words, OurPocket will make sure that your business reputation will be "cut of the edge" as a leading business in the market.


Are you a privet business?

Using the OurPocket services will allow you to enjoy a personal service experience and a fast and easy interface.  A gift? A product for your costumer? OurPocket will provide with a minimal cost and without any obligation from your side as a costumer.

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